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Diocesan Calendar of Events
Anno Domine

Bold Purple Print indicates the Bishop’s scheduled visits.
Some meetings may be held VIRTUALLY.


Currently many churches of the Diocese offer online worship and teaching.

11   The Second Sunday of Easter
    SAN JUAN APOSTOL, Fort Worth
13 10 a.m. Board of Trustees
15 11 a.m. Finance Committee
  4 p.m. Risk Management Committee
16-18   Clergy Wives’ Retreat, Camp Crucis
18   The Third Sunday of Easter
25   The Fourth Sunday of Easter
    ST. LAURENCE, Southlake
2   The Fifth Sunday of Easter
    ST. ANDREW’S, Fort Worth
6 9 a.m. Clergy Day, St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
9   The Sixth Sunday of Easter – Mother's Day
    ST. MATTHIAS, Dallas
14-15   College and Young Adult Retreat, Camp Crucis
16   The Seventh Sunday of Easter
    SAN MIGUEL, Fort Worth
  5 p.m. Contemporary Mass for young adults, St. Vincent’s, Bedford
20 11 a.m. Finance Committee
  1:30 p.m. Executive Council
  4 p.m. Risk Management Committee

The 39th Annual Diocesan Convention
November 12-13, 2021

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