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Diocesan Calendar of Events
Anno Domine

Bold Purple Print indicates the Bishop’s scheduled visits.

The Bishops’ complete visitation schedule for 2022 is available here.


Currently many churches of the Diocese offer online worship and teaching.

15   The Fifth Sunday of Easter
    SAN MIGUEL, Fort Worth
16 9:30 a.m. Commission on Ministry
17 10 a.m. Board of Trustees
  1:30 p.m. Standing Committee
19 4 p.m. Risk Management Committee
21   Youth Service Day, Camp Crucis
22   The Sixth Sunday of Easter
    HOLY APOSTLES, Fort Worth (Bishop Reed)
ST. GREGORY THE GREAT, Mansfield (Bishop Ackerman)
  5 p.m. Young Adult Mass and Fellowship, St. Vincent’s Cathedral, Bedford
26 6 p.m. Mass followed by Bible Study with Bishop Fanuel Magangani, Holy Apostles, Fort Worth
29   The Seventh Sunday of Easter
    ST. JOHN’S, Fort Worth
30   Memorial Day – Diocesan offices closed
2 7 p.m. Bible Study with Bishop Magangani, St. Mark's, Arlington
3   Bishop Iker Challenge Golf Tournament, Squaw Valley Golf Course
5   The Day of Pentecost
    HOLY SPIRIT, Graham (Bishop Ackerman)
7   Clergy Day with Bishop Fanuel Magangani, St. Vincent's Cathedral
9 7 p.m. Bible Study with Bishop Magangani, Christ the Redeemer, Fort Worth
10 6 p.m. Evensong in celebration of the Traditional Language BCP, St. Mark’s, Arlington
11   75th Anniversary of St. Alban’s Church in Arlington
12   Trinity Sunday
    ST. FRANCIS, Austin (Bishop Ackerman)
16 11 a.m. Finance Committee
  4 p.m. Risk Management Committee
  7 p.m. Bible Study with Bishop Magangani, St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
18 10 a.m. Ordination of Daniel Macias to the diaconate, St. Andrew’s, Grand Prairie
19   The Second Sunday after Pentecost
    ST. PAUL’S, Gainesville
  4 p.m. St. Michael’s Southwest Conference, Camp Crucis
23 11 a.m. Finance Committee
  4 p.m. Risk Management
26   The Third Sunday after Pentecost
    ST. PETER BY THE LAKE, Possum Kingdom (Bishop Reed)
ST. MATTHEW’S, Comanche (Bishop Ackerman)
28 10 a.m. Board of Trustees
3   The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
    Bishop Reed’s vacation
ST. JOHN'S, Brownwood (Bishop Ackerman)
4   Independence Day – diocesan offices closed

The 40th Annual Diocesan Convention
November 4 & 5, 2022
St. Laurence, Southlake
and the Westin Southlake Hotel

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