Emergency Preparedness Workshops

The diocesan Risk Management Committee has developed a program to help churches improve the overall safety of their facility and activities. This is a matter of good stewardship of God's people and property. Whether the crisis is a medical emergency during worship or a grease fire in the kitchen, a tornado warning, or a violent intruder, the clergy and people of every congregation need to be equipped to respond.

In 2018, every congregation is asked to examine its present state of preparedness and to establish a Safety Team to address the areas that are identified for improvement. A walk-through with a member of your community's police or fire department is recommended.

To launch this program, workshops are being held throughout the Diocese to acquaint all staff members, volunteers, and ministry leaders with best practices for all types of emergency situations, whether on Sunday morning or through the week. Vestry members, ushers, nursery workers, and Sunday School teachers are especially encouraged to attend, but the workshops are open to all: We can't predict who will be on hand at a critical moment. The content of each workshop is the same; you may attend whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. Depending on the amount of discussion, the workshop will last between four and five hours. There is no charge to attend, but a donation of $5 will be gratefully received to help defray the cost of providing lunch.

Though there is no fee, your pre-registration for one of the workshops will assist the host churches with planning the seating arrangement and hospitality. Please click on the button below to begin.


Workshop Schedule

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Additional workshop dates will be added as they become available.


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