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At the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church

National Altar Guild Exhibit

Textiles, silver, and other objects
both new and old, on loan from various dioceses

Exhibit National Altar Guild


Meetings of the National Altar Guild were held a few blocks from the main Convention Center, but the Guild's exhibit of antique and contemporary vestments and altar items was located just a few steps from the House of Deputies, providing a restful and inspiring counterpoint to the legislative bustle.

White Set

This festal white set belongs to the Altar Guild of the Diocese of California. The embroidery was begun by Joan Chauldupek, a past president of the Guild. Though she worked some 180 hours on the embroidery, she died in 2005 before the set was finished. Ann Holly completed the hand work. The set includes burse, chalice veil, stoles, and chasubles. Below, a stole is displayed atop an antique lace altar covering and a wine-colored silk damask wedding dossal. The dossal dates from the 1850s and was used in a private chapel on Puget Sound.

white stole

beaded pectoral


Beaded Pectoral Cross

The age and exact origin of this pectoral cross and necklace are not known. It was found at the diocesan offices in Seattle, Wash., (Diocese of Olympia) in 1994.









Detail shows the pattern of three
seraphs in the brocade.

cope detail  



Antique frontal

The embroidery on this antique frontal covers
an area about two feet square.





Altar silver

This contemporary set includes chalice, paten, and flagon. The paten is engraved with the words, "My body, which is broken for you."


agnus dei


Altar frontal

Two panels from a white altar frontal. Above, full view of one panel, showing the overall design. Left, detail of agnus dei medalion, showing gold thread and pearl beading (partially obscured by the leaf from a flower arrangement).



French Creche Set

Three figures (center: one of the magi) from a set of over 40 pieces. Each piece seen here is about 18 inches tall. Dating to the early decades of the 19th century, they are displayed each Christmas season at Trinity Church, Columbus, Ohio.


Quilted Banner

Completed this year, this hanging is meant to symbolize redemption and reconciliation. It was on loan from a parish in Cincinnati.