A Letter to the House of Bishops


Following its regular November meeting, the diocesan Standing Committee
presented the following letter to Bishop Iker
for distribution to all the sitting diocesan bishops in the Episcopal Church.



Nov. 15, 2004

Dear Bishops,

In light of the strong recommendations made by the Windsor Report and the dire warning contained in the final paragraph, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Fort Worth calls on the House of Bishops, meeting in Salt Lake City, in January, to adopt a Mind of the House Resolution calling the Episcopal Church to implement and abide by all the recommendations of the Windsor Report and to forward these intentions in writing to the Anglican Communion Primates’ meeting in February.

Any action taken less than the one proposed in this letter will be a signal to the Anglican Communion and the Diocese of Fort Worth that the Episcopal Church intends to “walk apart” from the Anglican Communion.

Respectfully submitted,


The Very Rev. Ryan S. Reed

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Hightower

The Very Rev. Christopher Cantrell

Kay Stromberg

Walter Virden III

Judy Mayo


Resolution on the Windsor Report
passed at Diocesan Convention

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