plaintiffs' filing No foolin!
April 1, 2011
Not even your favorite pancake house stacks ’em this high  
This copy of the most recent filings was presented to the attorneys for the Diocese and Corporation.

The plaintiffs' latest motion, filed yesterday as our hearing was in progress, was so impressive we took a picture of it. Fortunately for forests everywhere, we are able to offer it in PDF form, downloadable in sections to your computer or e-reader. (Be sure to check your available space before beginning the download!)

“Fifth Amended Answer and Counterclaims to First Original Plea” (2.4MB)

“Fifth Amended Answer and Counterclaims to Corporation’s Amended Petition” (2.3MB)

“Fifth Amended Answer and Counterclaims to Third-Party Petition” (2.3MB)

“Local Episcopal Parties' and Congregations’ Supplemental Motion” (8.9MB)

“Local Episcopal Plaintiffs’ Seventh Amended Original Petition” (7.3MB)

The Appendix to the Motion is not yet available.