May 1, 2008
Bishop Iker to attend
2008 Lambeth Conference

Bishop Jack Iker of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth confirmed today that he has accepted the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury to attend the Lambeth Conference of Bishops, which is to meet July 16 thru August 3 at the University of Kent in England.  Given the strained relations in the Anglican Communion and the role of the Lambeth Conference as one of the Four Instruments of Communion, Bishop Iker believes it is important for him to attend this gathering of Anglican Bishops from around the world that takes place once every ten years.

“I stand in solidarity with all those Bishops who have decided, as a matter of conscience, that they are unable to be at Lambeth,” said Bishop Iker.  “However, given the situation the Diocese of Fort Worth finds itself in with the unfolding realignment that is taking place in Anglicanism, I think it is important for me to be there to make our case and to face our detractors.”

In addition to demonstrating a willingness to work with the Instruments of Communion for the unity of the Church, Bishop Iker believes it is important for him to be present to defend orthodox believers who are being accused of abandonment of communion by the TEC leadership, including the Presiding Bishop.  “We need to refute the claims that the leadership of this Church is trying to accommodate us and provide a secure place for us, and we need to testify to the fact that TEC is not in compliance with the Windsor Report or the requests made of TEC by the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam,” he said.

Bishop Iker had previously announced his plans to participate in GAFCON in mid-June to consult and pray with many of the Bishops who have decided against participation in the Lambeth Conference.