Archive re: Suit originally filed April 14, 2009, against the Diocese and Corporation
and four subsequent suits filed in state (Hood County) and federal courts (indicated by **)


Sept. 21: Texas Supreme Court dismisses TEC petition

Sept. 9: Appellate court clears path for return of funds, property items to churches
Aug. 28: Diocese, Corporation reach settlement with plaintiffs for legal costs
Feb. 22: U.S. Supreme Court denies petition of TEC parties
Press Release regarding the Court's decision

Dec. 23: Diocese, Corporation files combined Brief in Opposition to TEC petitions

Oct. 19: TEC parties, All Saints’ petition U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Texas ruling

May 22: Texas Supreme Court issues unanimous ruling in favor of the Diocese

Bishop Reed’s Pastoral Letter to the Diocese: EnglishSpanish
Dec. 5: Supreme Court hears oral argument on appeal
Aug. 30: Court sets date for oral argument
Aug. 1: Filings complete in response to Court’s request
June 7: Petitioners’ response filed
April 10: Brief on the Merits filed
Feb. 11: State Supreme Court has Petition ‘under consideration’
Nov. 5: Diocese replies to TEC response
Oct. 8: TEC parties file response, cross petition
July 27: Diocese, Corporation file petition for review
April 9: Court of Appeals issues opinion; Diocese and Corporation will appeal
Waiting for response from the Texas Second Court of Appeals
April 19: Oral argument in Second Court of Appeals
March 4: Responses filed in Appellate Court
Dec. 4: TEC parties file briefs in appellate court
Aug. 21: Five TEC congregations under supersedeas terms
July 24: Trial court issues Final Judgment
June 10: Court leaves All Saints’ property in Diocese

June 1: Parties file replies; hearing rescheduled for June 10

May 27: Parties file responses to May 6 Motions

May 6: Parties file Motions concerning All Saints’ FW
March 11: TEC refuses to allow All Saints’ congregation to participate in Canon 32 process
March 6: Canon 32 process initiated re: All Saints’, Fort Worth
March 3: Statement from the Diocese
March 2: Court denies TEC claims to Diocesan property
Feb. 20: Trial Court ruling expected soon
Jan. 23: Diocese files Reply to TEC parties’ Response
Dec. 22: Diocese files response to TEC Motion
Dec. 1: Diocese, TEC parties file new Motions for Partial Summary Judgment
Nov. 3: U.S. Supreme Court denies TEC petition
Oct. 1: Discovery period closes
Sept. 26: Diocese files Brief in Opposition with U.S. Supreme Court
April 17: TEC suffers third loss in TX Supreme Court
March 25: TEC plans desperate appeal to U.S. Supreme Court
March 21: Supreme Court denies motion for rehearing
Dec. 6: Diocese files Response to Motion for Rehearing
Sept. 20: Two federal Suits closed by court
Sept 12: TEC parties to seek Supreme Court rehearing
Sept. 10: Illinois court rules for Diocese of Quincy
The Anglican Curmudgeon explains

Aug. 30:
TX Supreme Court issues rulingsBishop Iker’s Pastoral Letter to the Diocese

March 21: Letter to Court objects to “intimidation” of TEC bishops who signed the April 24 amicus brief
Dec. 3: Oregon adopts neutral principles, supports authority of state trust law
Nov. 15: Post-Submission Brief filed
Oct. 16: Report on Oral Argument in the State Supreme Court
Aug. 31: Supreme Court sets Oct. 16 for oral argument
July 6: Motion filed for Expedited Oral Argument
June 30: Bishop Iker responds to news of bishops accused of Title IV violations
April 24: Seven TEC Bishops sign amicus brief
March 23:Reply filed; hearing date anticipated
Feb 28: Calendar changes in Supreme Court cases
Feb. 27: Presbyterian laymen submit amicus brief supporting our appeal
Feb. 23: Diocese files brief supporting the appeal of Good Shepherd, San Angelo
Feb. 6: Brief filed
Jan. 6: The Texas State Supreme Court grants jurisdiction to hear our direct axppeal and set it for oral argument.
Read Bishop Iker’s message here.
Dec. 16: State Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in San Angelo case
Oct. 20: Judge sets supersedeas bond
Aug. 22: Update on the appeal
July 1: Update
June 2: Diocese asks Texas Supreme Court to hear appeal
May 19: Judge asks parties to negotiate terms of bond
May 18: Court hearing tomorrow
May 13: Updates concerning three lawsuits
April 28: Judge limits discovery, schedules May 19 date to set bond
April 13: Notice of Appeal filed with State Supreme Court
April 5: Judge grants severance and stay of main lawsuit
April 1: First sections of plaintiffs’ 2,000-page filing
March 31: Judge delays decision
  Transcript of the hearing
March 30: Reply (to Local Episcopal Parties' motion) in Support of Motion
March 25: Sever-and-stay hearing set for March 31
March 23: Report from the ACNA Chancellors meeting
March 19: Analysis of TX appellate court ruling against San Angelo parish
March 11: Statement Regarding Property Inspections
Feb. 8: Revised order a first step toward appeal
  Transcript of the hearing
Jan. 25: Diocese, Corporation ask trial court to stay orders during appeal process; hearing set
Jan. 22: Diocese, Corporation announce intention to appeal trial court ruling
  Q&A from our legal team
Jan. 14: Court holds Summary Judgment hearing in original case against Diocese, Corporation
  Transcript of the hearing
Jan. 6: Federal judge stays all motions in the case **


Dec. 23: Diocese, other defendants file Motion for Summary Judgment in Tarrant County
Dec. 23: Federal court suit stayed by judge **
Nov. 26: TEC takes legal hit in California case
A report by George Conger
Nov. 1: Bishop’s answer to All Saints’ suit requests sanctions
Oct. 18: A fourth lawsuit **
Sept. 30: Bishop Iker’s response to the third lawsuit **
Sept. 22: Schori-led group files more litigation **
Sept. 14: Tarrant County motion granted in part
Sept. 2: Hood County case postponed **
Aug. 23: Sept. 2 hearing set in Hood County **
Aug. 19: Latest filings in lawsuits against the Diocese
Aug. 5: Hood County court denies motions, sets hearing date**
July 14: Hood County court hears arguments on summary judgment filings / PDF version **
July 9: Judge Chupp issues order granting Rule 12 Motion
July 2: “Episcopal Church in Texas legal loss” An article from the Church of England Newspaper
June 26: Statement from the Diocese (PDF)
Read the court’s opinion (PDF)
June 2: Hood County court clears path for summary judgment hearing **
May 28: Prayer sought for June 2 hearing **
April 27: Appellate court hears arguments
Audio of the proceedings can be heard here
April 22: Bishop Iker calls the Diocese to a day of fasting and prayer
March 11: Appellate Court sets hearing date
Feb. 18: Friend-of-the-Court filing supports Diocese (PDF)
Attorney Mark Brown of San Angelo explains why
Texas law supports the legal position of the Diocese and Corporation
Feb. 8: Diocese files reply in support of Petition for Writ of Mandamus (48-pg PDF)
Feb. 2: AAC Report summarizes TEC lawsuits, depositions, and canonical abuses
Jan. 21: Plaintiffs’ attorneys respond to the appellate court
Dec. 15: Court order grants request (PDF)
Dec. 11: Parties request second extension of time to reply (PDF)
Nov. 19: Parishes file Plea in Intervention
Nov. 17: Appellate court issues stayin response to Mandamus filing (updated)
Nov. 16: The appellate court’s order (PDF)
Nov. 13: Petition for Writ of Mandamus (PDF)  
Oct. 2: ORDER granting continuance (PDF)
  Official court transcript of the Oct. 2 hearing (PDF)
Memorandum supporting third-party petition
ORDER granting third-party petition (PDF)
Memorandum supporting reconsideration of Rule 12 order (PDF)
Reply to plaintiffs' memo (PDF)
Sept. 25: Court will hear Motion for Reconsideration
Sept. 23: Motion for Reconsideration of Rule 12 Order
Sept. 22: Motion for Continuance (PDF)
Note: The Court has ordered a hearing on this motion for Oct. 2
Sept. 21: Official court transcript of the Sept. 16 hearing (58-page PDF)
Sept. 17: Official court transcript of the Sept. 9 Hearing (83-page PDF)

Sept. 16: Court decides on Rule 12 motion
and Answers to Questions of the Court

Sept. 9: Concerning today’s hearing in the 141st District Court
Aug. 27: Bishop Iker calls for prayer and fasting during the week of Sept. 6
May 8: The Diocese files a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit filed by a rival diocese
The President of the Standing Committee writes a letter concerning the April 14 lawsuit
April 23: Lawsuit papers reach Bishop Iker
April 15: Bishop Iker responds to news reports of a lawsuit