Concerning the Archbishop of Canterbury’s

Panel of Reference

From the Primates’ Communiqué of February 2005:

“In order to protect the integrity and legitimate needs of groups in serious theological dispute with their diocesan bishop, or dioceses in dispute with their Provinces, we recommend that the Archbishop of Canterbury appoint, as a matter of urgency, a panel of reference to supervise the adequacy of pastoral provisions made by any churches for such members in line with the recommendation in the Primates’ Statement of October 2003. Equally, during this period we commit ourselves neither to encourage nor to initiate cross-boundary interventions.”


Following are announcements and items of interest concerning the Panel, with the most recent listed first.


Nov. 2, 2005:
The Most Rev. Peter Carnley, Chair of the Panel,
gives an update on its work
Included is the announcement that the appeal submitted by the Diocese of Fort Worth has been referred by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Panel for consideration.


The Panel held its first plenary meeting July 12-14, 2005, at the conclusion of which the following rules of procedure were issued:

Late June 2005:
Diocese submits appeal to the Archbishop’s Panel of Reference

June 8, 2005:

Panel of Reference: Full Membership Named

May 11, 2005:

The Archbishop of Canterbury names Archbishop Peter Carnley to chair Panel
and issues directive for its formation

April 20, 2005:
Bishop Robert Duncan comments on his hopes for the Panel
(Interview on the Web site of The Living Church magazine)



Complete Panel of Reference information and documents
on the Anglican Communion Web site: