Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
March 25, 2011
Call for prayer as legal team
prepares for March 31 hearing

In the weeks since the 141st District Court issued its interim summary judgment order (Feb. 8), the local supporters of The Episcopal Church have begun demanding financial records, property inspections, and extensive additional proceedings in the trial court.

On Thursday, March 31, at 9 a.m., a hearing has been set on a Motion filed by the Diocese and Corporation to stay (suspend) all those activities until the appellate courts decide whether the summary judgment was improper. Our attorneys will also be asking Judge John Chupp to sever (separate) that order from the remainder of the lawsuit to pave the way for an immediate appeal.

Please pray this week for Judge Chupp as he prepares for Thursday's hearing and considers the requests we have placed before him. Keep our legal team – Shelby Sharpe, Scott Brister, and David Weaver – in your prayers as well, as they continue to work with the plaintiffs' attorneys on specific points of concern for the two sides.

On Thursday morning, please join Bishop Iker in prayer and fasting for the hearing.