January 16, 2008

Comments to the Press

These remarks by Bishop Iker were released in response to events on January 15, 2008


Concerning charges brought against the Bishop of Pittsburgh, the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan:

I find it tragic and deeply disturbing that the Presiding Bishop would seek to take canonical action against the Bishop of Pittsburgh prior to any final decision by his diocesan convention concerning separation from The Episcopal Church. The fact that Bishop Duncan and the Diocese of Pittsburgh are still a part of The Episcopal Church was clearly affirmed by the refusal of the three senior diocesan bishops to consent to his being inhibited for this alleged offense. The Episcopal Church continually gives lip service to the need for ongoing conversation and dialogue to heal our divisions while at the same time closing off any possibility of continuing conversations by aggressive, punitive actions such as this.

Concerning the letter (see below) which Bishop Iker received from the Presiding Bishop:

Today [Tuesday] I received a second threatening letter from the Presiding Bishop, this time by regular mail. Unlike her November letter, it did not imply a charge of “abandonment of the communion of this church,” but it said that I would be liable for charges of violation of my ordination vows if I continue “any encouragement of such a belief” (i.e. that parishes and dioceses can leave The Episcopal Church). She also claimed that conservative voices are “disappearing” from TEC “by their own decision and at their own hands.”

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker
Bishop of Fort Worth


Jan. 9 letter of the Presiding Bishop



Bishop Iker's Jan. 16, 2008, message to the Clergy and Convention Delegates