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Realignment Timeline
2006 to the present

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  July 15 St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth, publishes a statement regarding actions of The Episcopal Church in the Star-Telegram
  November Bishop Zavala elected Primate of the Southern Cone
  June ACNA: Communiqué from the Second Annual Provincial Council
Also: A report on the Council meeting published by the Living Church
  January Forward in Christ interviews Bishop Iker
  Nov. 6 & 7 Standing Firm in the Faith: The 27th Annual Diocesan Convention 28th annual convention
  Oct. 20 Bishop’s response to Vatican announcement
  Aug. 22

A Forward in Faith priest becomes the first bishop
consecrated for the Anglican Church in North America

  June 30

Bishop Iker writes to the clergy concerning two recent letters
Archbishop Venables writes to the clergy

  June 22-25

passing the peace_
The Anglican Church in North America

Inaugural Assembly
June 22-25, 2009

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Wednesday, June 24, Press Conference
with panel including Bishop Iker

Additional online videos from the ACNA Assembly

  April 8 Letter from Northern Mexico
  Feb. 16 Membership figures for the new North American Anglican province
  Feb. 13 The Episcopal Church: Tearing the Fabric of Communion to Shreds
A Report of the American Anglican Council
  Feb. 10 Response to the Alexandria Communiqué
  Feb. 6 23 Clergy Released from Canonical Residency
  Feb. 5 Four parishes released under Canon 32Supporting Documents
  Jan. 30 The Diocesan Chancellors report on the California Supreme Court’s opinion in “Episcopal Church Cases” (PDF)
  Jan. 23 Bishop Iker meets with members of All Saints’, Fort Worth
    Bishop Wantland responds to the Presiding Bishop
    The Commonwealth Report: Status of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth After Convention November 2008
  Jan. 16 Global Anglicanism
Bishop Iker’s
address to the Mere Anglicanism Conference
  Jan. 11 Church Issues do not have to end in court
An editorial opinion by Cora Werley
  Jan. 7 Bishop’s Order pertaining to controversy at Christ the King, Fort Worth
  Dec. 11 From the Anglican Communion Institute:
Descent Into Canonical Chaos: The Presiding Bishop’s Response to Bishop Iker
  Dec. 6 What Renunciation?
  Nov. 30 Philip Turner (ACI) on
The Subversion of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church: A Response to my Critics
  Nov. 24 Press Release in response to attempted inhibition
  Nov. 16 “As We Realign” letter distributed in churches 2008 Convention
  Nov. 14 & 15 Contending for the Faith: The 26th Annual Diocesan Convention
  A Stand Firm interview with Bishop Iker
  Nov. 6 The Episcopal Church in Decline (PDF)
A statistical chart based on TEC parochial reports compiled and published by the American Anglican Council
  Oct. 23 Bishop Iker responds to a vestry resolution from All Saints’, Fort Worth
  Oct. 13 Clergy discussions on conflict produce no solution
  Sept. 22 Statement of the Standing Committee concerning the action against Bishop Duncan
  Sept. 19 Chairman of Forward in Faith International reacts to deposition
  Sept. 18 Bishop Iker’s statement on the House of Bishops action against Bishop Duncan
  Is The Episcopal Church Hierarchical?
by Mark McCall
  Sept. 10 The Third Report from the Bishop and Standing Committee
concerning realignment with the Province of the Southern Cone
  Sept. 8 Bishop’s Order pertaining to controversy at All Saints’, Wichita Falls (PDF)
  September Bishop Iker: 10 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Realign
  Aug. 15 FAQs on “Fiduciary Duty” for church leaders
  Aug. 12 A Statement from Bishop Iker on dialogues with the Roman Catholic diocese
  July 16 – Aug. 3 The 14th Lambeth Conference of Bishops
  July 11 Bishop Iker comments on provision in the Communion for Anglo-Catholics
  June 22 – 29 GAFCON: The Global Anglican Future Conference
  May 2 - 4 The Most Rev. Gregory Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone, visited the diocese Archbishop Venables
    The Constitution and Canons of the Province of the Southern Cone (PDF)
  April 30 Bishop Iker writes to the Presiding Bishop concerning her letter to Archbishop Venables
    The Presiding Bishop’s letter was issued within a report from the Episcopal News Service
  April 2 Opinion and Response: ”Why Do We Celebrate the Eucharist on Sunday?”
  March 14 The Canon Theologian: Whose Property?
  March 3 Guidelines for Canon 32 released
  Feb. 12 The Second Report from the Bishop and Standing Committee
  Jan. 16 A Message to the Clergy and Convention Delegates Comments to the Press, with the Jan. 9 letter from the Presiding Bishop
  Jan. 12 Statement by Bishop Iker concerning the inhibition of Bishop Schofield
  Jan. 9 The Bishop and Standing Committee issue a Preliminary Report on the invitation from the Province of the Southern Cone
    Bishop Iker responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advent Letter
  Nov. 20 Letter of support from Church of England leaders to Bishop Iker
  Nov. 16 & 17 25 Years Together in Mission: The 25th Annual Diocesan Convention
  Nov. 12 Bishop Iker replies to the Presiding Bishop (with the Presiding Bishop's Nov. 8 letter)
  Oct. 27 Fort Worth welcomes Archbishop's view on dioceses
  Oct. 15 Chancellors' Report on Property in the Diocese
  Oct. 9 An Open Letter from Bishop Gene Robinson
  Oct. 1 Presiding Bishop affirms same-sex unions
  Sept. 25 A Report from the Standing Committee on recent meetings with clergy and lay leadership
  Sept. 14 An Irish Bishop Reflects on time spent in ECUSA churches
  Sept. 6 Bishop Iker: The Realignment Moves Forward
  July 16-18 The Global South Steering Committee calls this a “Critical Time”
  July 14 Bishop Wantland et al.: How are TEC lawsuits being funded? An Open Letter
  June 19 Statement of the Bishop and Standing Committee concerning actions of TEC Executive Council
  May 6 Audio: Bishop Iker’s sermon at St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
  March Bishop Iker and Bishop Stanton amend the “Dallas Plan”:
St. Francis, Dallas, comes under Bishop Iker’s episcopal care
  Jan. 8 The Panel of Reference releases its report on the appeal by the Diocese of Fort Worth • Bishop Iker: Response to the report
    News coverage included this report in the Church of England Newspaper


  Nov. 30 The Presiding Bishop proposes appointing a Primatial Vicar
  Nov. 27 Bishops decline invitation to second New York Summit (PDF)
  Nov. 17 & 18 Continue in the Apostles’ Teaching and Fellowship: The 24th Annual Diocesan Convention
Sermon by Canon Daryl Fenton • Bishop’s Address •
Resolutions and election results • Budget material
  Oct. 31 Audio: Bishop Iker interviewed on public radio
  Oct. 30 Chancellors receive threatening letters, reports The Living Church
  Oct. 18 Audio: The Presiding Bishop interviewed on public radio
  Seot, 26 Fr. Randall Foster comments on the House of Bishops meeting
  Sept. 23 An interview with Bishop Iker
  Sept. 22 The Kigali Communique from the Global South Primates, with Bishop Iker’s Oct. 2 response
  Sept. 21 Windsor-affirming Bishops issue a letter from the HOB meeting at Camp Allen
  Sept. 14 Bishop Iker comments on the Summit
  Sept. 13 Statement from the New York Summit and the Response of the Archbishop
  Aug. 21 An interview with Bishop Iker concerning Alterative Primatial Oversight
  Aug. 18 The Archbishop of Canterbury proposes a Summit in New York and Bishop Iker responds
  July 25 The Diocese appeals to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference concerning its provision for women's ordination
    Background on the Panel of ReferenceOfficial Web pages of the Panel
  July 24 The Standing Committee calls for the diocese to withdraw from Province VII
  June 28 Bishop Iker’s Report to the Diocese following General Convention (PDF)
  June 27 Archbishop of Canterbury: The Challenge and Hope of Being an Anglican Today
  June 18 The Standing Committee asks for alternative primatial oversight
In the weeks that followed, the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, South Carolina, San Joaquin, Central Florida, Springfield, and Quincy joined Fort Worth in appealing for alternative primatial oversight.
    Bishop Iker’s statement on the election of the Presiding Bishop mosaic in dome
  June 13 - 21 General Convention coverage – including ECW Triennial additional notes
    National Altar Guild Exhibit at General Convention
    Gallery: A Photo Tour of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in Columbus, Ohio
  Lent Bishop Iker: Separation? At What Cost?
Earlier actions
  Nov. The 23rd Annual Diocesan Convention
  April 15, 2005 Bishop Iker: Has the Episcopal Church really complied with the Primates’ request?
  March 15, 2005 The House of Bishops’ Covenant StatementBishop Duncan responds
  March 23, 2005 Bishop Iker: On the House of Bishops' covenant statement
  Nov. 15, 2004 The Standing Committee writes to the House of Bishops
  Nov. 6, 2004 The Diocesan Convention adopts a resolution concerning the Windsor Report
  Oct. 18, 2004 The Windsor Report is issued
  Jan. 21, 2004 The Executive Council adopts the Anglican Communion Network Charter
  Nov. 2, 2003 Statement on the consecration of Gene Robinson
  Aug. 10, 2003 A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Iker to the diocese
  July 30 – Aug. 8 2003 General Convention coverage
    The Path of the Episcopal Church (PDF)
A timeline of events from 1965 to 2007
This is a wiki document produced with the aid of several
American Anglican congregations and organizations