April 17, 2008

Bishop Iker responds to news reports
of a lawsuit against the Diocese and Corporation

Word of a legal filing against the Diocese and the trustees of its Corporation was conveyed after close of business on Tuesday, April 14, by news reporters seeking comment. The following day Bishop Iker sent this brief message from London, where he was in meetings with the GAFCON Primates and leaders of the Anglican partnership that will soon form a new Province in North America.

We are neither surprised nor alarmed by the lawsuit brought against the diocese on Tuesday. Our attorneys are reviewing the allegations and will be advising me on how to respond.

We are confident that we followed the proper legislative process in amending our Constitution and Canons and are prepared to make our case in court if necessary.

Your patience and prayers will be much appreciated as this process unfolds.

A blessed and joyous Eastertide to all of you.

Bishop Iker